#50-Future of Platforms, Super Apps and Digital Ecosystems

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Here is a series of my write-ups on Platform business models. I continue to update it, as I write more about platform disruption across industries.

Sidhartha Sharma-Fintech and Digital Strategy Expert (views personal)

Why Most Super-Apps candidates will fail?

What is a super-app? A unified gateway

Why Platforms and Ecosystems win?

We live in very interesting times. The proven traditional models are being disrupted every day and new winning business…

B2B and B2C platform- Value Proposition matters more than API’s and partner MOU’s

Once Platforms reach a critical mass, they no longer operate as a company- they take charge of the industry they…

Best Partners for Orchestrating a Health-Tech Ecosystem or Platform Business

Uber, Grab, Go-Jek are the go-to-app for mobility and food-delivery. Facebook, TikTok, WeChat are go-to social apps…

D2C Platforms – Why Direct access, Data ownership, and Digital Community matters?

Between the twin choices of traditional retail-based supply chain network and e-commerce led distribution a window of…

How to Build a Platform Company or a platform business model?

Digital platforms are highly dynamic web portals and mobile apps with a huge user base of suppliers and buyers to…

Business Models for the Platform Economy- by Sidhartha Sharma

All business models move from complexity to simplicity, due to technology-led disruption and the evolution of…

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(Views are personal)

Sidhartha S. – Director, ASEAN- Digital Strategy & Transformation – BIG FOUR | LinkedIn

18+ years experience in Management/Strategy Consulting (BIG 4) firms and worked with Startups in ASEAN, India. Strong…

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