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Sidhartha is a AI strategist and digital economy expert with over 18+ years of experience across Mckinsey & Co, BCG, EY and Amazon

AIOT & AGI adaptability

Embracing AIOT and AGI for unparalleled adaptability in modern solutions

Blockchain and Decentralized Economy

Blockchain ensures transparency and trust in decentralized economic interactions.

Platforms and Ecosystems Models

Platforms and ecosystems offer robust scalable models for sustainable business growth

Smart Robotics

Smart Industrial and consumer robotics in precision, automation, and intelligent operations

Industry 4.0 technologies

Industry 4.0 technologies redefine efficiency in contemporary operations and manufacturing ops.

Quantum, Nano, Spatial and Edge Computing

Quantum and edge computing unlock potential in spatial data analysis

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Relearning and First Principles Thinking

Revitalize your approach with foundational relearning and first principles thinking

Project Management & Leadership

Orchestrate successful outcomes with our expert project management proficiency

Deal Structuring and Negotiations

Navigate complexity with strategic deal structuring and negotiation acumen

Strategic Consulting

Strategy is necessry for success even when you got the most disruptive technology

Value Creation

Win for the customer, Win for the stakeholders and Win for the environment

People, Policy, Planet, Profit

Prioritize all the four pillars of sustainable business growth

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“Predicting the tech disruption that will happen over the next 20 years requires audacity and humility.However, ignoring the immediate trends coming over the next 5 years is a failure of insight.”

Sidhartha Sharma

Digital Ecosystems and AI business model expert

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